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The Overpass Light Brigade San Diego is a peace movement, or considered to be an Art Collective extending their civil right, "freedom of speech." They electronically hung a sign above highway 8 freeway in San Diego with the words "FUCK FASCISM." The art piece was a board with electronic lights in the shape of letters. Police and some secret paramilitary operation showed up to shut the protest down.

I told the police, "it was their civil right," and "do you want to violate their civil rights?" And they responded, "It is obstructing traffic" and that you can not use the word "Fuck."

Well I said " what about just "Fascism" and the San Diego police officer responded "you can not post that word in America." And I said "why not?" He said "Because you can't, we are not living in a fascist country." Are we? Well it is not a direct democracy and leaders bomb countries without the approval of the people. I didn't think that was a correct legal answer, more like an excuse to shut down a peaceful protest that was not causing harm nor any accidents.

This was not the first time the group has been conjuring up their timely assault of information on the diminishing of American civil liberties. They have held neon signs to stop the war in Iraq, TPP, and many other touchy subjects. This is a strong movement and they are gaining followers from environmentalists to complacent Americans who would like to see change.

I really didn't know how bad the state of affairs we are in until that moment when we recorded these lights above the I-8 freeway. The lack of education of the police officers, acting on orders, was mind-boggling, and they had no legal authority to close the civil protest / art display. These artists were not selling anything, just informing the public while displaying their political-driven tech-art. In a similar stance on freedoms comparatively to the musical art collective "Pussy Riot", the Overpass Light Brigade is a powerful force to be reckoned with in both the fine art world and the American protest environment.

This is ArtCoWo Press reporting from San Diego, California.

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