The Colorful World of
Estelle Chojnicki

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The colorful world of Estelle Chojnicki is influenced from the "memories of the corn fields, the fall of the autumn leaves, the harsh winters of Central New York, and the turquoise waters of the Pacific". Chojnicki was born and raised in the calming countryside of Central New York. She attended Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute at an early age developing a love for art. Chojnicki would eventually succomb to her calling years later. She originally graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Affairs but would soon be led to a different path. Experiencing a deep tragedy from the loss of her brother in her senior year of college led her to pour her feelings into art. Her flowing abstract expressionism shows a complex depth and evoking power. Because of her husbands job she has lived in many parts of the U.S. in which she draws from the unique properties of each area. Mimicking these places in her travels the colors seem to come easy for Chojnicki.

She is a prolific artist with a profound body of work who creates art that reflect a continual fluidity well after the paint has dried. The work looks as the earth was sustained in its primordial stages. This seemingly natural phenomenon is frozen for the viewer to take in the beauty of her art form that both moves and excites the eyes and the soul. Because there is no said story to her work, Chojnicki's paintings are but moments and feelings captured on canvas. These emotions are in a sort of suspended animation for the paintings completion yet remain fluid like that of our own dynamic and complex nature as humans. Estelle has briefly lived in the Laguna Beach area of Southern California and was accepted at LGOCA as one their primary selling artists. She garnered attention from the adoring public as well as several celebrity art collectors such as Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi.

Estelle raises an autistic daughter and triplet boys with her husband and guides other parents in handling the pressures and complexity of their situation. These emotions seem to flow out of her work despite the abstract qualities of the paintings. Each piece is unique and her approach sometimes depends on the size of the canvas and then deciding what colors moves her. Her mission is to have the audience find themselves in the painting and to bring forth emotions that may be hiding or buried but yet can be reveled through a sort of cathartic response through visual experience. This makes Chojnicki a healer through art and the journey is for each individual viewer to make on their own.


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Two Of By Sea

Estelle Chojnicki (U.S.), "Two of by Sea", Mixed Media on canvas,
Diptych, 24" x 24" (x2). Gallery: D+H Contemporary, Contact: ,   858 401 9549

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