J.Willott installation room; Michael Schultheis sculpture     Photo by T.Zogo ©

J.Willot Celebrates 12 Years

BY ArtCoWo Press ©  12 - 26 - 18

J.Willot Gallery celebrates twelve years in Palm Desert, California. Joshua, the owner has keen sense of aesthitics and a welcoming personality. Filling his gallery with a unique offering of contemporary sculpture and paintings, Willot gallery is one of the few real galleries in the Palm Springs area. With so many galleries selling toys his gallery displays beautiful works that will stand the test of time. Front runner, Michael Schultheis combines math and mystics to create uber-cool bronze sculptures. He even dips his brush to make formulaic paintings.

Math equations are just the half of it. Michael thinks everyone is connected, and the formulas to achieve this, are there sprung onto his canvas. You are married to someone for a reason. Your bond is an equation. This communication on canvas echoes another famous artist named Maneli Jodat. However, Jodat's words are more a dream-like quality that is in the form of murmurs and phrases.

Schultheis uses half erased numerical equations like a chalk board that has been erased after a long class of calculus. Jodat also has erased or scratched out words and sentences but much like a person brain storming for answers.

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