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D+H CONTEMPORARY Gallery in Los Angeles July 2nd 2016 Exhibit was filled with patrons and art lovers who came out to experience the works of five unique artists. The title of the exhibition was "Linear Fate" , a nod that everyone's life is connected in some way shape or form. The artists all shared a common fate of showing their work together in Los Angeles for the first time as well as all the patrons and staff of the gallery that were intermingled.

Maneli Jodat's wonderfully mysterious pieces enticed the audience with a subtle but sometimes dark pallet. Shapes and sounds that come to life are her specialty.

Acosta's work draws on his experience growing up in Catholic Schools. A hint of outsider art quality mixed with abstract expressionism but going a step further. Literally burning the work in the fire and layering the wood onto the canvas by means of nailing it with a hammer and industrial tools. Standing on top it with friends, so the work is time tested. Tearing off pieces that don't fit.

Estelle Chojnicki's art has that "Cool School" vibe with the high sheen "Finish Fetish" feel. I would say that most people were drawn to her work the whole night. The depth of color from the resin coat down to the swirls and brain cell explosions were severely dramatic.

James Johnson, who mostly does abstract work had contributed his simplistic figural work to the exhibit setting him apart from the others in the show. He had told me it was important for him to return to figuration.

A simplistic beauty that was also folk-like and had a small art brut connection tying his work to Acosta.

From the figurative work of Johnson leading to Acosta's art primitve style and abstract work, to Maneli's shadowy shapes, to Estelle's abstract liquid works and of course, Hinos'completely abstract pieces, the room flowed from one composition to the next. It was gently and intelligently curated without seeming institutional.

This was D+H Contemporary's second event, the closing recption. The power of LA was apparent as people en masse came out from different parts of Los Angeles to see the gallery and the artists on display. LA is powerhouse with many neighborhoods all contributing to the dynamics of the LA landscape.

The night was exciting with all the visitors getting the feel of the "Linear Fate" concept. From artists to collectors, everyone had a similar passion for the work exhibited. J.Hinos, showcased his recycled work for Art Collector World Magazine, who was also there to record the event. He made waves as people found a love for his visceral abstract expressionist and molten lava-like work.

His passionate encrusted work is extremely powerful when viewed in the clean and open D+H Contemporary space.
D+H Contemporary has put their artistic foot print on downtown LA. The location is nearly in the center of downtown near the staple center. It would technically be labeled as the Fashion District on the corner of Washington BLVD and Hill street.

Downtown is booming in that area with new developments, Condos, shops, office buildings. A real metropolis is unfolding.

It's an intense time for LA. DTLA was ignored for many years and to see this type of excitement towards the love of downtown is catching on and waves of people are moving for the day and nighttime fun. From Architectural old masterpieces to new arch-gems going up every day downtown LA is transforming at a record pace.

Estelle's work garnered the most attention that night as people found an extreme connection to her resin pieces. They are big and bold and she is not afraid to splash the color on the canvas.

July 2nd at the gallery was a profound experience and D+H hopes that more people will continue to discover the new space and stop by for an opening or closing reception this summer.

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