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LACE : Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibtions

"The School for the Movement of the Technicolor People"

Taisha Paggett with WXPT

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L ACE, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions was founded in 1978 by a group of LA artists. It is a "nonprofit venue that facilitates exhibits and innovations in making art with a focus on strong public engagement". Nestled in the heart of Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevards trendy Cahuenga area it has served as a free and "open to the public experimental space". The renowned venue has fostered several generations of young artists including the one's in this article, and also newer art forms such as performance art, video art, digital art, and installations as well as educational initiatives. It was an interesting night filled with performance and conceptual art, some torn floor boards and carpeted walls. Photography of the women who carry the struggle (floor boards). It was a packed full house of energy in the entertainment capital of the world. The deconstructivism represented the nations confrontation with "regularly mediated deaths of Black bodies" and the School for the Movement of the Technicolor People's goal of "excavating, dismantling, reflecting and denying recognition". Taisha Paggett's performance was good but lacked vocal confidence.


The entire display of many members as a whole made the performance outstanding but the speech was not loud enough and lacked conviction in the voice. There was an audience member who got carried away but the meaning was there nevertheless. He was moved by what he saw and it stuck with the mission of the group and Lace gallery. It was engaging indeed as the collective moved throughout the audience. The performance was very tense as they carried the floor boards to and froe throughout the gallery. It was quite a spectacle.


WXPT stands for "We are the paper We are the Trees", the name of the project which was in collaboration with Ashley Hunt and Kim Zumple. WXPT, a one-year exploration for a consciousness shift of the dance field in relation to LGBT and African-Americans that help unite each other. Opening night was Oct 21 and it will last until Dec 6. The exhibit was curated by Robert Crouch and everything was laid out in correct order including the ripped up floor of the gallery. "The School for the Movement of the Technicolor People" was formed from a series of conversations between Taisha Paggett and artists Rodney McMillian and Caileen Smith. Their goal was to discover the relationships between the "Black body", nature, urban life and Black communities historical development in LA. I would say they achieved what they sought out to discover in many forms. The performance struck chords with many audience members and I felt as I was in a very interesting set of circumstances as I began to feel the weight of the movement that unfolded before me. The choir performance went according to plan as the collective banged and hissed on the beams of the gallery at a profound and ceremonies conclusion. Music to my ears. It was a quite an involved performance as a whole despite the shaky beginning and lack of ample audio.


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