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Gender Bending Fashion at MFA Boston will certainly have you intrigued. A retro-cool exhibit featuring Sci-Fi attire from famous designers around the globe. At one point I thought I was on the set of Star Trek The Next Generation. Especially when I saw the super-sonic earing on a male/female figure. It was fun and exciting and I liked what the curators did with the room. Neon lights and mounts for the mannequins really brought this exhibit to another place.

Walter Van Beirendonck took the prize in my eyes but many other famous artists really lit the room. Allesandro Michelle for Gucci was another hit maker at the party and Jean Paul Gaultier happened to catch me off guard. I was drawn to these three. Every time I saw a piece I liked, I looked down at the plaque and it was one of these three ground breaking designers.

The connection to music was also an important moment at the exhibit with the wall of albums. From David Bowie and his ground breaking style to Annie Lennox and her own gender bending moves, this parallel ran deep. Gender fluid or non-binary are terms that can also be applied to clothing and even artist personas. I like the historical aspect that was thrown in, such as kilts for Scotts. This really put the exhibit into another stratosphere.

The premise is that clothing is how we perceive these objects in our own society. A kilt worn today looks like a skirt, for Greek and Scottish soldiers, these skirt-like pieces were common place. They were also very masculine identifiers, and it is only in our immediate surroundings that we do not understand this connection. We simply do not see many males wearing skirts. We are not use to the idea. Once we are programed to accept everything, nothing will seem out of the ordinary.

The trend in the 80's, where women were wearing suits was also popular, but that was a fashion choice that has come and gone many times. In fact, the Suffragette movement in 1910 brought about women's first suits labeled, the suffragette suit. In the movie "A simple Favor," Blake Lively's character wears a suit with cuffs. Maybe we will evolve in our society and think a skirt or dress is just like pants and vice versa, no gender required.

4 - 30 - 2019




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