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Swab Barcelona is proud to introduce its ninth edition, taking place from September 29th until October 2nd, 2016.This year, over 70 galleries participate in the new programs IN/OUT, Focus Maghreb,Cross-Bounders consolidating the previous ones Solo Swab, Swab Seed, Swab On Paper, MYFAF.

Solo Swab: Direlia Lazo and ZaidaTrallero curate this section of individual presentations by artists from Latin America. In its third edition, Solo Swab consolidates itself as a space that reflects upon the artistic practice in the region in dialogue with the social and political context.

Focus Magreb:Curated by Xavier de Luca, arises from the need of the European society to know in depth the social,cultural,artistic realities that are taking place in the Maghreb region.

Cross-Bounders:Program curated by Susana Sanz and produced by Wang Zhongwen that counts the participation of Song Fang,JuAnqi,Yu Depeng and Wang Liren, four Chinese acclaimed emerging filmmakers coming to Barcelona to create their first video-art piece in the frame of Swab House.

Swab Seed:David Armengol curates the 2nd edition of this space of visibility and debate for independent gallery proposals located throughout Europe. IN/OUT by Banc Sabadell Foundation:A selection of artists under the supervision of Frederic Montornés and Imma Prietoand through nine of the most representative galleries in Barcelona.The displacement gives the possibility to establish nexuses of union, among some of the most interesting creators of the current artistic program.This empowers the deliberation throughout the main idea of the Project: What does being in or out mean?

Swab On Paper,displays eight individual artistic projects that prove the transition in artistic material of the uses traditionally attributed to paper,presented by eight international galleries.

MYFAF (My First Art Fair):Curated by Rosa Lleó consists of 3 contemporary art galleries with less than two years of existence, never before participated in any international art fair.

General Programme: Established art galleries that present emergent artists divided into booths of :25,20 and 15 m2.

Swab is proud to present two other novelties:Fundación Swab Barcelona and Swab House.

Fundación Swab Barcelona:With the aim to strengthen the creation and support of social networks with the cultural agents and collaborate through acquisition programs for a public art fund during the fair.

Swab House:In collaboration with creation centers Hangar and La Escocesa and the artist residence Jiwar, 4 artists will develop a curated project, during the month prior to Swab Barcelona, that will be exhibited at the fair.

Swab Barcelona continues with the acquisition of art related awards.

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