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Expo Chicago 2015 was extremely informative for the direction of contemporary art around the world. From Op-Art to big names in the field, this year was entertaining to say the least. Galleries form London, Brussels, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Michigan, France and so on came to the windy city to showcase their favorite would be sellers.

I witnessed many galleries taking chances on emerging artists that were unknown but showed great potential to be the next art stars of the century. Three galleries stood above the rest despite the big names like Wikfredo Lam and Damien Hirst being presented by notable dealers. Their were plenty of art that attempted to shock and fascinate attendee's but most of the work seemed ultra-kitsch for a modern world. From giant fat suits to optical mirrored work, most of this art seemed dated by today's standards. Art has reached an impasse where it no longer knows what direction to go in, so people keep flinging one idea after an other hoping something will stick. One of the best galleries at the fair was a little known one in the art circuit from Birmingham, Michigan.



Hill Gallery has been in business for over 35 years. Tim told me his life story and how he shaped that area with two other gallery owners who have since passed away. The work he represented was extremely high-end and his booth was one of the most tastefully presented. Though the work was on the aged side, it was incredibly beautiful and all the art and artists deserve attention, including Timothy Hill. Contenders like Al Held and Tadaaki Kuwayama shined through at his gorgeous booth at Expo this year.

Our "Best in Show Award" goes to a gallery that believes that less is more and they proved that was right. While most booth's at EXPO this year decided to pack their space with huge sculptures, tech-art and larger than life paintings, this gallery did the opposite. Their booth was large and ample but they only presented three tiny pieces. The work had plenty enough space. It was impressive! Their method paid off as I noticed many people gathered just to see what those tiny paintings were exactly.

Garth Greenan Gallery from New York wins our "Best in Show" this year with three oil paintings by Victoria Gitman. Gitman paints hair so realistically that it pops out at the audience making it look as though the work is three dimensional. Garth is a NY mover and shaker who has his vision of contemporary art and I find his direction extremely appealing.

Leon Tovar Gallery in New York carries high tech Latin American Op-Art which is extremely refined. Though his stable includes notables such as Botero, Lam, and Matta, his booth this year at Expo Chicago focused on contemporary geometric art. His booth was well-appointed with ample space and cutting-edge works that all blended from one to another.

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