Compelling, immersive, powerful, these are just a few words that spring to mind when viewing the artwork of Alexander Aghayere. Aghayere is an emerging contemporary artist from Chicago that combines a painter's eye with an illustrator's precision. He gracefully fuses a raw street art style with that of an abstract expressionist. His modern day take on painting and illustration shows depth beyond his years. Aghayere's figural work shows fluidity and focus with a keen sense of color. This colorist understanding leads Alexander to uncover works that continue to evolve a unique style. However, he says that color does not dictate his work. It is more of a lens he describes, that reflects his mood. Earth tones seem to make an important impression in his pallet. Nonetheless, paint is merely a vehicle for Alexander's creative mind in which he delivers descriptive novels on a gestural canvas.

Aghayere completed an Illustration degree at Columbia College Chicago. He worked as a graphic designer at the Columbia Chronicle and now is a layout designer for the Chicago Tribune. Alexander is sharpening his skills one day at a time. His works convey a storyteller's sense of folding plot and characters painted as the pictorial story line. Aghayere then brings forth "nostalgic imagery" that is profoundly reflected in his artwork. This keen sense of storytelling he owes to his father who dictated to Alexander his life growing up in Nigeria. His father then moved to Italy and finally the United States, where our story begins. The intrinsic value of these campfire stories play a significant role in Aghayere's thinking process and when the paint hits the canvas, a unique formulation takes place. We are the sum of our experiences and yet we can draw from others. In this case, Alexander's own father's upbringing deeply influences his artwork on multiple levels, thus creating a highly distinctive style.

In addition to fine art, Alexander is also producing a graphic novel called Grim Genesis. Combining all his talents as an Illustrator, writer, and painter, Aghayere's compositions reveal a unique perspective in the world of art and the world as a whole. No other artist approaches painting in this manner. To showcase art with a specific purpose and deliver spot on. The faces on canvas display a sense of sadness and catharsis. Deep emotion is present but not without a cerebral cognizance. Aghayere goes on to describe his thought process:

"I find myself interested in the obscure both aesthetically and psychologically. A lot of my works are representations of the smallest details of deeply complex emotions and narratives that have happened in my life and the ones I've imagined or dreamt happened, I feel they're inherently the same. "

Aghayere is an intimately self-aware artist. His approach is sincere. He is cognizant in conception and completion of each piece. The gritty city and streets of Chicago have a direct effect on his artwork. The windy metropolis is intricate and beautiful, Alexander continues to describe, "I feel that in Chicago I'm very secluded, in a way that makes complex emotions so much more vivid. I felt that my work began to breathe life that is original and provocative in response to the rawness of Chicago." This seclusion has a paramount yet organic effect on his compositions that pulls the viewer in to Aghayere's fantasia.

Alexander has carved out a nice career for himself in Chicago. All his influences have melded together to showcase work as a brilliant and deeply sincere artist. He's a storyteller with a vivid childhood that is sculpting an energetic and thoughtful approach in the arts. As he continues to make waves in Chicago his work is gaining traction in other pockets of the world. Art Collector World Magazine has found his works glowing with life, with a bold and forward-thinking approach that sings like poetry.





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