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The Collection of Elias and Fontes at the Centro Cultural Tijuana is a spectacular exposition of contemporary artworks by some of the hottest upcoming and established names in the art world. Entitled, "Historia/ Relato", translated as "History / Story", was befitting of a stretch of time from the 60's to current day artwork. The artist Alejandro Zacarias stole the show with the most amount of pieces by any one artist in the exhibit, but not because of that reason alone. The art was intense and cerebral, from NEO-DADA robots to mixed media map-like paintings, his work touched me deeply on many levels. The robots where comprised of mainly old computer chips and sculpted wood. Zacarias' sculptural paintings were brilliant textural structures crossing into a 3D realm. They were quite moving. Other noted artists such as Marco Figueroa, Jaime Otis, Julio M. Romero and Daniel Ruanova also made a strong impression on the CECUT's audience.

However, most of the work had a lasting impact on my consciousness as all the art displayed flowed from one piece to the next as well as each piece was of the highest quality. Julio M. Romero's powerful "How to Dismantle an International Border" is a profound work that displays for a moment what it would be like to not have a border on the coast between California and Mexico. It is a social commentary of epic proportions because many feel the border is hogwash including yours truly.

Figueroa's paintings are incredibly detailed. His dark and ominous artwork shows an abstract expressionist and surrealist fusion with a Hans Hoffman-like Push and Pull dimension coupled with an automatism mindset. Very sublime. Otis's work harkens the minimalism of the 70's. I enjoyed his balance and subtle color changes as one tone blended to another slowly and suredly. Daniel Ruanova of "TJ in China's" pieces were impressive and showed a blend of Pop-Art, Street Art and Abstract Expressionism. His art stood out to me as one of the best paintings in the exhibit. I enjoyed the dark color and neon bright contrasts.

Altogether the work in the collection played perfectly into the theme of the exhibit. I felt like I was watching history unfold because each artist had such weight behind their words. Significant Post-Modern wonders for a new age of discovery, at one of the most enduring museums in Mexico and the world.



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