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Chasing Aphrodite is a book about how the richest institution, The Getty Museum, knowingly purchased stolen and looted artifacts from tomb raiders. In some instances, they would buy ancient antiquities from dealers and collectors with no provenance. A curator was blamed. The Italian Carabinieri was hot on the chase.

The Getty Center was forced to return millions worth of antiques and was amidst an international scandal. From tax fraud to over-zealous CEO spending, Chasing Aphrodite is an intense and fast ride. The reading is easy and in plain English.

The book takes you inside the world of art museums internal workings, just how they get ahead in the collecting field. It is a fascinating experience. Some of what is detailed in the book is still happening today. This is the dangerous sphere of the illicit trade of looted antiquities. Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt still want many works back in their countries. The museums still argue to this day and yet some are more cooperative.

Greece still wants the Venus De Milo back from France's famous Louvre. Just recently, forty-five crates owned by defrauded dealer Robin Symes, were found in a Geneva wharehouse. It contained priceless Roman and Etruscan artifacts.

Chasing Aphrodite is a must read for the avid art collector and antiquities buff. With plenty of intrigue to wet the appetite. The book reveals an intricate web of mafia ties, antique dealers, tomb raiders and museum staff.

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