J.HINOS     "BLM"     2018

With the pandemic maybe finally behind us in 2023 we now face new challenges for the art world. Inflation rears its ugly head and recession seems to be the focus for the economic world. Will we actually slip as deep as the economists claim, remains to be seen. A soft landing seems far-off however. In the art business everything is almost back to normal though. Exhibits, auctions and prices are up. Real Estate is at an all-time high but may be leveling. Yes, a balloon burst seems inevitable for all things. Art has come back from the grave because people make art in tough times as well. War also sadly pushes artists to create more in response to pressures around them. Art is no longer about just being a commodity but a personal choice whether it is created, collected or talked about.

Our team at Art Collector World also find that art has been transformed from a business to a religion. It is no longer about buying to make money from a resale of art some-time in the future but as a way of life for so many individuals around the globe. Art has no borders and can mean different things for different people. It is not just about making and selling paintings on canvases but a conceptual one. Anything can be art. This will prove challenging for the people who are still trying to make money from art. We will still continue to write about the trends however because that is what we do. We are always searching for the ground breakers who defy the rules in so many ways.

The information printed here was collected from numerous sources and any projections should not be used to make decisions to purchase work soley for the purpose of making profit. ARTCOLLECTORWORLD is not responsible for loss of income due to purchasing work for investment purposes or otherwise.




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