Naod Zorić         BERANE, MONTENEGRO     4.15.20


You may feel yourself transported to Late Antiquity or even further back with paleolithic overtones, when viewing the mastery of Naod Zorić . Nevertheless there is something contemporary about his work that is both immersive and elusive. These works have their ways of making you feel the pain of these frozen people that are painted with such eloquence. Naod is an artist on the fringe of the art scene in Europe. His recent exhibit in Berane, Montenegro had our team soaking up this man's genius. Still, you may never see his exhibitions in the states so this is a real treat for our audiences worldwide, but we are hopeful.

The gallery was small and didn't do this man justice. Naod's work will evoke feelings inside of you, on first sight, otherwise hidden from your grasp. The works were aplenty and they were smashed into the narrow exhibition space. However, this was a former house of a famous emissary of Montenegro and it is now being used as a gallery and school. My team was fortunate to step through the doors of this unique center for art. The house belonged to Gavro Vuković and that is where the center aptly acquires it's name.

"Naod's work will evoke feelings inside of you, on first sight, otherwise hidden from your grasp. "

Naod explores, deeply in his highly abstract figurative compositions, the human psyche. Death, life, war, nationality, identity, triumph, pain, suffering, insanity and man's vices, struggles and failures, all find a place in Naod's art. The faces show this poetic catharsis mixed with some animal and other symbolic imagery. Dark reds and regal golds explode onto canvas. The mostly male faces are twisted, grotesque with expressions searching for answers but not gorey. This art is heart-felt, there is real pain here. The artist knows his subject and I found the work refreshing in a mostly conceptual art world we are accustomed to seeing these days. Unless we are talking about the amateur splatter artists on Instagram. This is far removed from that platform, this is museum quality artwork deserving of attention and praise.

Naod will surely be headed to bigger and better horizons in the future. The problem mainly with Eastern Europe is that it is an island unto the rest of the world most of the time. However, things are changing and I see Zorić as an artist capable of bridging the gap to other places both metaphysicaly and in the here and now 2020. If you ever have the pleasure of seeing his art in person you will be engaged profoundly for this is one of those once-in-a-life-time artists like Van Gogh and Pollock.




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